Return Policy Basics

Can I Return It?

When something you buy turns out to be defective or doesn't fit properly we're happy to offer an exchange or store credit under most circumstances as long as you do three things:

  1. Keep your receipt: We can't process any return without an original receipt, so be sure to hold on to yours.

  2. Keep the packaging & tags: Except in the case of defective apparel (see below for details) products should be returned with their original packaging and tags.

  3. Bring it back within 14 days*: Unless there's a good reason for extending it, returns should be made within fourteen (14) days of purchase.

Final Sale

Some products are not eligible for return under any circumstances. These include: markdowns, demos, open-box and items marked “final sale” on the tag and/or sales receipt.

*The fourteen day rule does not apply to products covered by a manufacturer warrany (see details below)


Product Defects

Defective Toys

We’re happy to exchange any toy found to have a manufacturing defect in material, construction, or functional components. Our exchange policy does not cover normal wear-and-tear, damage resulting from misuse, or performance issues not directly related to a defect.

If a toy stops working properly within fourteen days of purchase (or within the manufacturer’s warranty period where applicable), please take the following steps before bringing it back:

  1. Clean the toy throughly with a cleaner or warm water and mild soap.
  2. Gather any accessories (chargers, attachments, etc.) included with the toy.
  3. Gather the packaging and user manual (if you still have them).

Bring the problem toy back anytime during normal business hours and we'll do our best to sort it out. In the case of a defect, the toy will be replaced (when available) or store credit will be issued in the form of a gift card or purchase credit.

Is it Defective? 3 Things We Look For:

Did you leave batteries in it?
We test every battery operated toy at the register to confirm it's in working order before we sell it. The most common cause of issues with battery operated toys is leaving the batteries in it when not in use (doing so can lead to corrosion and damage to delicate electronics). If we see evidence that batteries have been left in a toy, we will not exchange it.

Did you misuse it?  
Toys—especially electric ones—require proper handling and maintenance. Using the wrong kind of lube, exposing a non-waterproof toy to too much moisture and failing to store it properly are all examples of mistreatment that will disqualify a toy from being considered defective.

Are you expecting too much?
Normal "wear and tear" is not considered a defect. A toy's material and build quality will generally vary in relation to it's price. You won't get the same performance and durability below $20 that you will above $100.

Defective Apparel

We make an effort to check our apparel for defects before selling it. However, catching weak seams, missing clasps and other small details is not always easy - and in the case of packaged lingerie, it's simply not possible. Apparel that exhibits manufacturing defects (ripping seams, irregularities, missing bits etc.) under normal use within fourteen days of purchase can generally be returned for a like exchange. In the case of defects, the tags are not required.

Other Defects

Defects are very rare outside of toys and apparel. However, if you have something you believe to be defective, you can bring it back within fourteen days of purchase and we'll hear you out. If we determine the item to be defective, we will generally offer a like exchange.


Manufacturer Warranties

A growing number of toy manufacturers are providing warranties against defects in material and construction. Unless expressly forbidden, we're happy to directly support product warranties and will replace any product deemed defective within the covered period. Toy makers offering warranties that we support include:

  • Lelo
  • Fun Factory
  • Blush
  • We-Vibe

What if it doesn't fit?

We strongly encourage trying on apparel before purchase. However, we understand that in some cases, particularly with items purchased as gifts, this is not always possible. Our associates make every effort to get you the right fit, but when things don't work out we will generally offer a like exchange on ill fitting lingerie with the some restrictions:

Tags must be intact. Apparel must have the original tags intact to be considered for exchange. When buying a gift be sure to leave the tags on until the recipient has had a chance to try it on.

Item must be unworn. Any apparel showing signs of wear will not be considered for exchange.

Some Sales are Final

Apparel in the following categories is not eligible for return or exchange unless defective: hosiery, bodystockings, boxed items, costumes, and sale merchandise.


Final Thoughts

Like Exchange

Whenever possible, we make exchanges for an item identical to the one being returned. However, there are times when an identical item is not available. In such cases we may offer an exchange for a similar item at or near the same price, with any price difference being credited toward the purchase.

It Can't Hurt to Ask

We want you to be happy with every purchase you make from us and will make every effort to be reasonable about returns - so long as you are too.

If you've got a situation that you're not sure fits into our return policy, please let us know. We'll always hear you out and see what we can do.