Dame Eva: Minding the Pleasure Gap

As many as 7 women out of 10 need clitoral stimulation to reach climax. As a result, penetration alone can make for some very dissatisfied ladies. The female-founded toy maker Dame is determined to change that experience.

Made by Women, For Women

The founders of Dame designed Eva to take the hard work out of getting clitoral stimulation during intercourse. Every woman knows how awkward it can be to use a vibrator or bullet with a partner, and vibrating penis rings don't offer continuous clitoral contact. Unlike most clitoral toys, the Eva doesn't get in the way of penetration and its unique, hands-free design puts the woman in total control.

How it Works

Thanks to an innovative ‘winged' design, Eva fits snuggly inside the Labia for 100% hands-free stimulation. Just apply a little lube, fold the wings back and tuck Eva in place. Finally, you can ditch the straps, rings, and hand-held vibrators without compromising on pleasure. 

Hello Versatile

Although she really shines in missionary (often the most challenging setup to achieve clitoral stimulation in), the Eva can be used effectively in any sexual position. During testing, some found that the Eva worked better with the help of a hand to apply pressure and keep it secure, particularly while in facing-way positions (i.e. doggie, reverse cowgirl, etc.). 

Partners Optional

Eva is also fantastic for all kinds of solo-play and can be used as a stand-alone bullet, with a dildo, under a harness or in your underwear.

The Specs

The Eva offers three levels of vibration (low, medium and high) controlled by a single button. It recharges via a USB plug and can last up to 5 hours on the lowest setting or 60 minutes on high. Coated in medical grade silicone, the Eva is water resistant —which means you can take it into the shower, but we wouldn't recommend completely submerging it in water.

Although she really shines in missionary (often the most challenging arrangement to achieve clitoral stimulation in), Eva can be used effectively in any position.

Available Now

The Eva is available in Aqua or Lavender and retails for $105. Every Eva includes a USB charging adapter and cable, satin storage bag and 1-year warranty against defects.