The Bathmate Hydromax is the revolutionary, next generation product for increased penis length, stronger harder erections and better sexual endurance. All Bathmate products are manufactured using medical grade, skin safe materials and undergo extensive dermatological testing at every stage. It all started 10 years ago when John Oaks was looking for a penis enlargement product to combat penile shrinkage from too much weightlifting. After trying out a few existing products he quickly realized the pumps were badly designed and manufactured, causing very undesirable side-effects. His thoughts were that he could do a lot better, and set out to develop a product that surpassed all those that came before it. So after a couple years of product development, prototypes and testing John had created a product that successfully and safely managed to increase the size of the penis. The product also proved to be extremely good at improving penile health, sexual stamina and longer lasting erections. John’s product has now become a worldwide phenomenon, with men from all walks of life, along with doctors worldwide providing glowing endorsements.

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