Voodoo Toys

Born in L.A.

Developed in Los Angeles by a team of experts who have been creating sexual health products and toys for over 15 years, Voodoo Toys offers a small range of the ultimate bedroom toys, designed to put the user in control of their own pleasure, and help them explore their own desires.

Voodoo Ladies

Inspired by the female empowerment movements of the 70’s and 80’s, and the erotic mysticism of the Voodoo Priestesses as powerful spiritual forces who bring order and balance, Voodoo is more than a range of adult products - their mission is to remove the stigma around pleasure, sensuality and sexuality.

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Orgasm is a Human Right

Womanizer is for every woman. Because every woman is equal, and equally precious. We put you first. womanizer is for you, designed around your body. We don’t want you to change. We’re not going to tell you how you should be. Start feeling free, start glowing. With womanizer you can be who you are, embrace who you are, enjoy who you are. Feel great within your body and yourself. Because truly being yourself is freedom.

Dreamed Up in Germany: Enjoyed Around the World

The Womanizer was invented in the small town of Metten, in Lower Bavaria. The inventor Michael Lenke and his wife Brigitte heard about many women globally having problems with experiencing an orgasm. From that moment they were determined to change this.

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Empire Labs

Empire labs is the creator of the best-selling clone-a-willy kit that allows any man to immortalize his own penis in body safe silicone, perfectly reproducing every little detail that makes him unique.

The ubiquitous Clone-A-Willy Kit is sold all over the world and has been translated into multiple languages. It’s been reviewed and endorsed by countless sex toy columnists and sex toy connoisseurs, featured on multiple TV shows, and has even made an appearance in a major motion picture.

Clone-a-Willy kits come in a variety of styles including three different skin tones, neon colors, glow-in-dark, and chocolate kits. Empire Labs has also created a Clone-a-Pussy kit.

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Founded in 2010, the San Francisco based Crave designs and builds pleasure products around the principle that sexual pleasure, intimacy, and satisfaction are at the core of being human, and that sex should be a healthy, wholesome and playful part of everyday life. 

Crave products are built using beautiful, durable, and body-safe materials designed to last. Final assembly and testing take place at their San Francisco facility to ensure each product meets the highest standard of quality.

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Tom of Finland

An exclusive line of quality pleasure tools inspired by Tom of Finland's iconic images of homoeroticism and masculinity. Encompassing solo and couples’ products, this collection features exciting and unique takes on essentials such as cock rings, lubricants, dildos, and bondage gear. A portion of proceeds benefit the Tom of Finland Foundation, dedicated to protecting, preserving, and promoting erotic art.

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Tokidoki x Lovehoney

Release your hidden rainbow energy with sunshine, sparkles and joyful pleasure using the Tokidoki x Lovehoney pleasure collection. With an irresistible range of sex toys from mini bullet vibrators, to multi-speed massage wands and textured pleasure cups. Tokidoki x Lovehoney's creative and colorful designs will make it hard to resist collecting them all! 



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Founded in 1998, Fleshlight has quickly become the company behind everybody's favorite male sex toy. Made in the U.S, their patented Real Feel Super Skin is made from safe, non-toxic and phthalate free materials. With over 8-million sold worldwide, Fleshlight  products have been, and will continue to be one of the best sex toys for men. 

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Swiss Navy

Formed in early 1999, Swiss Navy's mission has been to bring innovative value-added health, wellness and lifestyle products to the market for the natural products consumer. Blended with the finest ingredients available, Swiss Navy lubes are available in two formulas-Silicone and Water-Based- for exceptional glide and slickness. Today their products are sold in national retail chains and specialty boutiques in the U.S and in over 48 countries worldwide. 

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Liberator has been crafting bedroom adventure gear in its Atlanta headquarters for more than 12 years, transforming ordinary bedrooms into supportive landscapes for intimacy by presenting angles, elevations, curves and motion that help people of all sizes find satisfying ways to connect with their partners. Liberator’s products enhance couples’ intimacy by inspiring creativity and romantic imagination. They believe in producing products that make the act of love more exciting and rewarding. All Liberator products are 100% designed and crafted in the United States.

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Blossom Organics

Blossom Organics lubricant is aloe based with no artificial fragrances, dyes or flavorings as well as vegan friendly. Expertly formulated by woman for women, Blossom Organics lubricants provide long lasting moisture and glide for enhanced pleasure without petrochemicals or silicones. 

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Über Lube

Stephen Magnusen, creator of Überlube, wasn't just setting out to make a superior product that helps people enjoy sex more. He also wanted to create something that could help remove some of the stigma and taboo around sex. Überlube is a silicone based lubricant with no added ingredients such as scents, flavors, or spermicides, which are often the types of ingredients that cause irritation and reactions. Überlube is also latex-compatible, so it’s safe and effective to use with condoms.

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JO Systems

Using a great high-quality lubricant is exactly what you need when you are in your most intimate positions, and JO Systems lube can be more than helpful. With JO Systems wide range of products you are sure to find the best one for your needs. JO System intimate care products have even been rated and reviewed as #1 in the marketplace since 2003. Anything from flavored water based lubricants to premium silicone lubricants, you will always find the perfect way to enhance your experiences with JO Systems lubricants.  

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Dame Products was founded by smart women with the purpose of making phenomenal sex toys. Their continuing mission: to design well-engineered sex toys, to heighten intimacy, and to openly empower the sexual experiences of womankind. Dame Products Co-founder and CEO Alex, and Co-founder and CTO Janet, believe sex toys should satisfy real women’s real needs. Instead of starting with a flashy feature or a kooky shape, they begin their design process with focus groups and scientific research. Dame Products is focused on trying to make the world a happier place, one vagina at a time.

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Fun Factory

In 1996, two recent university grads, Dirk Bauer and Michael Pahl, sat down to design a silicone dildo. They wanted to make a sex toy that was body-safe and inviting, unlike the jelly rubber toys that dominated the market. In the decades since, Fun-Factory has revolutionized the sex industry, making strides in sex toy technology. Fun-Factory was the first company to make a vibrator out of medical grade silicone, the first to create a sex toy with a rechargeable motor, and the first to win a mainstream design award for an adult toy. Fun-Factory’s patented Stronic technology, unlike anything else on the market today, lets their customers enjoy toys that thrust and pulsate, hands-free. 

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KinkLab offers high quality kink-related gear suitable for beginners and experts alike. Handmade and tastefully packaged, Kinklab's line of BDSM / fetish gear offers something for everyone—from beginner to expert. Popular products include the Electrosex Neon Wand, the Wartenberg Pinwheel, and Kinklab Bondage Tape.


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Leg Avenue

Leg Avenue was founded in 1999 by the Tsai family shortly after they emigrated from Taipei in 1984, and expects to sell $80 million worth of frilly french maids, short-skirted bumble bees and pirates in bustiers this year. The privately held company, now run by the four Tsai children out of City of Industry in California is one of the largest manufacturers of sexy Halloween costumes in the world. Leg Avenue is founded on the dream of stepping out of reality and into the world of imagination with their eccentric quality costumes, hosiery and elegant lingerie. Live out your fantasy with Leg Avenue.

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Andrew Christian

Since 1997, Andrew Christian has not only been an iconic company, but it's also backed by a real designer! With his innovative  technologies, fit, and original designs, he has earned a spot in Inc Magazine as one of the fastest growing companies in America for multiple consecutive years. One of Andrew's best sellers is his amazing line of technically advanced, custom woven men's underwear. It is available in street, sport, fashion, and basic-themed lines, and is available in a range of styles, including low cut, super-low-cut, boxer briefs, and more. Each style is intricately designed using specialized dye treatments, printed graphics, and innovative materials such as bamboo fiber, sports mesh, and patented, moisture-wicking cotton blends. Andrew was the first to introduce waist slimming elastic in his underwear designs and “FlashLift” Bottom-Lifting Technology.

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 Escante has been in the intimate apparel business for over 30 years offering quality, affordable and creative designs for the wholesale market, with their factories located in the beautiful Yucatan Peninsula. They provide elegant, affordable lingerie using quality fabric and laces. Esc ante believes lingerie should be an expression of your day to day story. Dress from the inside out to feel good about yourself....Rediscover your inner voice with Escante lingerie.

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Oh la la Cheri

Oh la la Cheri are the words you might utter when women try on one of this French label’s decadent lingerie pieces. Established in 2007 and headquartered in Miami, FL, Oh la la Cheri is an intimate apparel design house with obsessive attention to detail. A woman’s sexuality is beautifully complex. Her lingerie should evoke emotional intimacy, they want to feel admired, loved and adored in those private moments. Developing a brand identity that translates this takes a deep understanding of a woman’s perception of what “sexy” is. Oh Lá Lá Cheri has been able to accomplish this in each collection, with their unique provocative designs that portray flirtation and lead to seduction.

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