The Pitfall of Cheap Thrills

Super-cheap sex toys are often not the bargains they appear to be.

Can you spot the fake? It's not always so obvious...

Can you spot the fake? It's not always so obvious...

Sex toys can often be found deeply discounted from online sellers on sites like Amazon and eBay. High-end toys from Lelo and many other luxury brands can be found on offer for a fraction of their MSRP. The problem? They're pretty much all fakes.

Besides the obvious problems of this cheap merchandise being poorly made, short lived and not covered by warranties, knockoff products can pose a real physical risk to their users.

EJ Dickson from DailyDot:

The sex toy counterfeiting predominantly takes place offshore, mostly in China, where manufacturers are not held to the same production standards as sex toy makers in the U.S. This leads sex toy counterfeiters to substitute materials in their products with potentially unsafe chemicals like melamine, a chemical that is approved by the FDA for manufacturing purposes, but not for human consumption.

How does one avoid getting stiffed with a fake? Buy from a reputable seller and be wary of discounts that look too good to be true (most of them are).

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