Tantus Magma Dildo

Magma is a fantasy dildo of molten silicone textured with drips. Perfect for G-Spot and P-Spot stimulation.


In the Flow

Made of solid, Ultra-Premium silicone, the Tantus Magma has a soft feel and a delightful mix of glossy and matte textures. The Magma is harness compatible and, like all solid silicone toys, can be warmed and cooled in water for temperature play.

Magma’s head ridges give me a repeated, gentle tugging sensation. It heightens my senses, as the flowing drips rub against my vulva and I gradually move toward orgasm. The build-up is delightful.
— Phallophile Reviews

Tantus Silicone

Bleachable, boilable, and Dishwasher safe, Tantus silicone is easy to clean and very durable - so your toy can last a lifetime!

approx. measurements 6.25” long / 1.5” diameter

approx. measurements 6.25” long / 1.5” diameter


Pure Silicone Harness Compatible Lifetime Warranty

The Specs

Material: Silicone
Warranty: Lifetime (covers defects only)
Dimensions (approx.): 6.25” long / 1.5” diameter