Sexiest Things About Sex

Sex is sexy right? But why?

Paris Lees from Vice magazine responded to a list of 21 unsexy things about sex (that included jaw lock and wet spots) with a list of hilarious (and sometimes touching) counterpoints. A few of our favorites include:

#2 Socks. When your trusted fuck-buddy stuffs socks inside your mouth and ties your hands behind your back while ramming you like a champ. You people all do that, right?

#6 When you can tell your lover is really into it. When they groan. And it’s genuine. When a guy looks like all his birthdays came at once because he’s here, with you, Paris “Yes it’s really me, and yes I really am like this in real life” Lees, and cumming like a Roman candle.

#11 Watching yourself be a bad girl in the mirror. I really feel like a spit roast is wasted if the person in the middle doesn’t get to see how it looks, ’cause it looks fucking horny.

#14 Looking into someone’s eyes as they cum and watching their pupils dilate. It’s really beautiful.

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