The British are Coming! (With the World's Most Powerful Wand.)

Designed, machined, and assembled in the UK, the award-winning Die Cast Doxy massager pairs unrivaled power with fine controls packed into a sleek aluminum alloy body.


Doxy at a Glance

(a) Medical-Grade Silicone Head (b) Hand polished die-cast aluminum body (c) LED backlit controls

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A Head for Pleasure

Lightweight wands generate a lot of buzzing and noise – not so with the Doxy. Cast from solid aluminum, the weight and balance of the Doxy head produce intense rolling and rumbling sensations, unlike any other wand.

Power & Finesse

The Doxy's power is extraordinarily effective for deep tissue massage, but it's also capable of producing subtle, pulsing sensations for titillating the most delicate parts of the body.

The Doxy head produces a powerful rolling and rumbling sensation, unlike any other wand.

The Specs

The Doxy Die-Cast features a powerful variable speed motor that adjusts between 3000 and 9,000 RPM with optional escalating pulse settings. Along with the included silicone cover, the head fits all standard size wand attachments. A generous 12ft. (3m) power cord stays out of your way and means you're never too far away from an outlet. 

Available Now

The Doxy Die Cast is available in brushed aluminum (any of the other finishes can be special ordered) and retails for $209. Every Doxy includes a premium padded storage case and a 1-year manufacturer warranty against defects.

Why Rabbits Rule

The "rabbit" vibrator: a thirty year old design that's still hard to beat.

This rabbit is cute, easy going and very good at his job.

This rabbit is cute, easy going and very good at his job.

Sex toy designs have exploded in variety and novelty since the original rabbit's debut in Japan in 1984, but the rabbit (and it's countless variations) still remain the most popular vibrator design ever. Anna Lynn from takes a look at 5 reasons for the rabbit design's remarkable success.

1. They’re Double the Fun
OK, folks, here’s a little lesson on female anatomy: There are two, count 'em two, truly explosive female hot spots: the clitoris and the G-spot. Rabbit vibes can stimulate both at the same time. At the very least, a rabbit vibe will provide penetration, which many women enjoy, along with clitoral stimulation. There are clitoral vibrators and penetrative vibrators. Then there are rabbits. When you buy a rabbit, it’s a bit like getting two for one.

2. They’re Beginner Friendly
When rabbit vibes first appeared on the scene, one of the really appealing things about them for many people is that they looked, cute and cuddly and came in pastel colors. At the time, most of the other sex toys available were, well, dongs. Big, veiny dongs. We’ve got nothing against them, but they aren’t for everyone. Plus, they sort of imply that a sex toy is a replacement penis or, in other words, a replacement for sex with a real, live person. Which it isn’t, rabbit or not. In terms of vibrators, rabbits tend to be easy to use, they tend to have a good range of vibration settings and you can get one relatively inexpensively. If you’re just getting started with dual stimulation, a rabbit’s the classic pick. If you find that penetration isn’t your thing, you can even flip the vibe around and use the rabbit ears as a clitoral stimulator.

3. Rabbit Ears!
Speaking of rabbit ears, they aren’t just cute (although they are pretty cute), they’re designed to stimulate either side of the clitoris. That’s an important point for many users. The clitoris itself can be pretty touchy - very touchy for some. Introducing vibration indirectly from both sides can be more pleasurable than direct stimulation, and helps spread those vibrations around the vulva, something many vibrators don’t do. For those who like more direct clitoral pressure, there are many newer rabbit-style vibrators (like the LELO Ina) that provide that too. (Discover some amazing facts about female anatomy in Holy Clit, Batman! 9 Amazing Facts About the Clitoris.)

4. Options, Buttons and Doo Dads Galore
Because rabbit vibrators are so recognizable and so popular, they come with all kinds of features. That means plenty of options to suit your individual anatomy and preferences. Rabbits tends to come in three main shapes: phallic, G-spot and modern. The phallic shape is the more traditional rabbit most people are familiar with, while the G-spot shape offers more of a curve for better G-spot stimulation. More modern versions of the rabbit are more ergonomically designed and tend to replace the traditional rabbit ears with a single, pinpoint stimulator. Everyone’s body is different. Everyone’s preferences are different. Rabbit vibrators offer enough choices to please just about everyone.

5. It’s a Riot
Rabbit vibrators don’t take themselves too seriously. They’re bright and they’re silly, and some even have features like rotating shafts and multicolored beads. Add that little rabbit bowing reverently with its quivering ears and it’s hard to know whether to orgasm ... or giggle. And while the more modern "rabbit-style" vibrators have taken their figures more seriously, there’s something to be said for the old-fashioned rabbit. After all, isn’t getting off supposed to be fun?

From "5 Reasons Why Rabbit Vibrators Are Still Popular" by Anna Lynn