Hybrid Lubricant

Hybrid lubricants combine the best of silicone and water-based formulas producing super-slick, long lasting products that are non-staining and easy to clean up.

Maybe you can have it all!

Silicone lubricants are great because they’re super-slick and last forever… but the clean up! Ugh! Water-based lubricants clean up in a snap, but dry out quickly (which means you have to add water or reapply) and can feel tacky.

What’s a person facing unwanted friction to do? Enter Hybrid lube. Though still not quite as slick as pure silicone, hybrid lubricants are a definite step up from water-based products in terms of staying power and feel, and are generally much easier to clean up.

A few things to keep in mind:

Unlike pure silicone, hybrids are not water-proof, so for bath tub sex, silicone is still the way to go; and like silicone, hybrid products should not be used with toys made from silicone without doing spot test first.

Hybrid brands you might try: Jo Hybrid, Wet Synergy, Encounter Silk