Buying a Vibrator

Buying a Vibrator

Looking for Mr. Right? With hundreds of different vibrators out there in dozens of different shapes and sizes, it's easy to feel overwhelmed, but shopping for a sex toy should be fun!

Vibrators have come a long way since their invention over a hundred years ago; and today's toys offer ways to get you off faster, better and in greater style than ever. All you need to find the perfect one for YOU is an open mind and a little know-how. So let's dive in girlfriend!

The Lowdown on Lubes

Water or silicone? Flavored? Warming? Anal? Oh My! With dozens of brands in seemingly endless varieties, picking out a personal lubricant can be intimidating, but fear not my chaffing friend!

Once you've got a few basics down, grabbing the right bottle for the job is easy. Just a little knowledge can make standing in front of that wall of love sauce less overwhelming and a lot more fun. So let's dive in and learn something!