Abrasion Play

The humble hair brush: it also spanks and abrades!

The humble hair brush: it also spanks and abrades!

A slightly different twist on rough sex.

"#BDSM 101 – Abraison [sic] Play – #edgeplay" by Christina Mandara was originally published on christinamandara.wordpress.com

What is BDSM abrasion play? 

It’s using something rough in order to ‘wake up’ and sensitize the skin. When you consider that the skin is the largest organ upon our bodies, and typically in a BDSM scene you’ll be using only a tiny portion of this for your pain/pleasure play – it’s fair to say you might be missing out.

What is used in BDSM abrasion?

It’s not as mean as it sounds. You can start off with something as innocent as a hairbrush and if you use this over your volunteer’s bottom again and again – eventually it’s going to get very sensitive. If you keep going, just a hot breath or a single, light fingernail trail will have your sub jumping up like’s she’s been shot.

So, start from the beginning and work your way upwards. Bristle brushes, hair brushes, scrub brushes, emery boards, scourers, wire wool and sandpaper have all been used in abrasion play to redden and heighten the sensation of feeling in the flesh. Whilst only the masochists among you are going to head to the DIY store for the sandpaper and scourers, abrasion with a softly textured bristle brush can be exquisite. The build-up to sensation is just part of the fun.

If you’re going the whole hog and using some of the more ‘sterner’ implements, then your sub should be aware that you are probably going to leave marks upon him/her. Subs are usually very proud of their marks and cherish them as a constant reminder of your affection – but if you’re going to a family do and you’re wearing a spaghetti strap top – it’s probably not the best of things to do the night before the party.

Abrasion Play – Scene Ideas?

  • A soft, gentle awakening of the skin with a hairbrush before a spot of wax play?
  • Use the fine side of an emery board upon a pair of ass cheeks before bestowing them some loving attention with a gentle flogging, perhaps?

However you play, make sure it’s SSC and that you have your first aid kit handy, just in case. Remember that abrasion play can carry a risk of bleeding – so bear this mind and wear gloves to avoid the risk of contracting HIV or other STD’s.

Have fun ;)